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Our Story

The Swanling Family

Our story is one of necessity. We are parents of three girls and like all parents, have been guided by them along the way. It began with our first daughter. Aside from reflux and SPD, she was strong willed and would cry if left alone in her crib. The only way she would sleep peacefully was next to one of us. We were desperate to find a solution that gave her sleep independence by making her feel secure and safe by mimicking a sense of touch, so that when she woke she felt like she was next to us. We have a history of thinking outside the box so we approached this challenge in the same way we had others. We looked at different options and how the creative combining of a few good ideas might give us a great idea. We researched patents back to the 1900s and in 2003 the prototypes began for our first 'sleep sheet'.

Now after 3 kids and 28 prototypes that sleep sheet has become the Slumber Sleeper™ and has evolved and been developed to meet the stringent requirements of not only discerning parents but more importantly the little ones, our three girls, who have tested the fabrics and designs with us every step of the way. Truly a family venture- or we like to think of it as a family adventure!


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