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young swan, baby swan

Young swans otherwise known as swanlings often wedge themselves comfortably between their mothers wings and body creating a safe incubation area in which they can rest.

At Swanling Innovations, our innovative Slumber Sleeper™ provides that same kind of security for children. The Slumber Sleeper™ child looks forward to being tucked inside the sheet and zipped up secure so as to not fall out of bed. Further, resting in a place of warmth and safety, our Slumber Sleeper™ Swanlings fall fast asleep.

Our Mission

Swanling Innovations is committed to producing modern, safe and innovative products of only the highest quality that meet the expectations of discerning parents. It is our goal to provide safe sleep solutions that help address the many concerns surrounding safe sleeping environments for babies and toddlers today. As parents we know how confusing and frustrating it can be to navigate the various stages of sleep training and sleep development in our children. At Swanling Innovations, we pride ourselves on doing our homework and educating ourselves so we can provide useful and easy to understand information to help you make choices about your child’s sleep needs so you can feel confident that your child is safe, secure and sleeping like a baby. We believe that our Slumber Sleeper™ solutions will be a dream come true for parents and their children. Safe sleep is Simple™ with Swanling®.

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