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How To Use The Slumber Swaddle

Warning! Read instructions prior to use and use only as directed.

Natural Position

Experts recommend swaddling baby in a natural position with elbows, knees and hips flexed for proper joint development.

Wrap Snugly

A loose swaddle is ineffective, so wrap baby snugly, but not so tightly as to impede baby's breathing. You should be able to slide your hand between the blanket and your baby's chest. It should feel snug, not loose.

  • Before using our Snap-In-Place™ Slumber Swaddle™ you must have the Slumber Sleeper™ installed. Once baby is secure in the Slumber Sleeper™ then proceed to Slumber Swaddle™ directions. Complete directions are listed here.
  1. For best results on Slumber Sleeper™ crib, remove mattress from crib.
  2. Secure fitted mattress sheet around all sides of mattress. Pull one corner of the sheet over the mattress; the sheet should completely cover the mattress. Move to the diagonally opposite corner and fit the sheet as before. Repeat for the remaining corners. Vest should be centered on top of mattress.
  3. Elastic must be centered on the bottom of the mattress and secure on all 4 sides so that the sheet fits correctly. Elastic band, when installed correctly, will go around the entire mattress and under the mattress for a safe, snug fit.
  4. Once Slumber Sleeper™ is centered and secure on mattress, replace mattress safely inside crib. Slumber Sleeper™ vest portion will almost be centered in mattress with vest being closer to head of the crib rather than the foot of crib.
  5. Child should be lightly clothed and sleep at room temperature (67-72ºF/17-20C). Frequently monitor Child's temperature as overheating may be a factor in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.)
  6. Unzip Slumber Sleeper™, place child on back centered horizontally inside the unzipped sheet. Place arms through left and right arm holes. Neck tab must be centered at Child’s neck.
  7. Slumber Sleeper™ must be comfortably snug around torso and neck. (Do not use Slumber Sleeper™ with an undersized Infant. Slumber Sleeper™ must fit Infant & Child snugly and securely.)
  8. While Child is on its back and arms are safely in arm holes, tuck legs inside sheet and secure the zipper by pulling zipper all the way to the top of neck.
  9. Close fastening tab securely over zipper and fasten snaps securely to help avoid suffocation or entanglement.
  10. Snap Slumber Swaddle™ to the front of the Slumber Sleeper™ and attach at all three snap locations on the Slumber Sleeper™ to all three snap locations on the Slumber Swaddle™.
  11. Open the Slumber Swaddle™ flat so that the face of the swaddle lays flat on your baby’s chest area. Place arms through left and right sleeve pockets.
  12. Wrap the Slumber Swaddle™ around the top of baby’s shoulders and around the back of your baby’s back in a crisscross fashion. You will need to have baby sit up slightly in order to cross the fabric in the back. Try and keep the fabric flat as you crisscross behind the baby’s back to prevent twisting and clumping. You want the fabric to be smooth before they lay back down.
  13. Pull the excess fabric forward tightly (because the fabric stretches, you must pull firmly so that fabric and swaddle are snug) from each side and wrap it across the baby’s chest. Tie a single or double bow at the center on the baby’s torso area.
  14. Adjust swaddle fabric if necessary so that slumber swaddle material is comfortable yet secure.
  15. Snap, wrap and tie! It’s that easy!

  • Do not allow fabric to cover Child's mouth or nose area.
  • Do not place pillows, loose blankets, bumpers or toys in crib.
  • Always place Child on its back to sleep and never leave Child unmonitored.


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