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Helping Children (and Families)
to Have a Better Night's Sleep

Our Ethical Standard

global impact

With our children’s futures in mind, it is our goal as a company to continually strive to achieve social responsibility, ethical standards and environmental sustainability. We have made it our mission to search out the best most sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, while staying conscious of price point so that every parent has access to our amazing products. We believe in offering products that are non toxic, while at the same time trying to reduce our shared impact on the world.

  • Sustainable Natural Fabrics
  • Organic Fabrics
  • Phthalate-FREE and BPA-FREE
  • Tested Lead FREE
  • Non Toxic Materials
  • Sturdy Construction designed to last
  • Eco-Friendly and reusable packaging
  • Packaging inserts are recyclable
  • Eco-Friendly Business habits
  • Daily Commitment to do our part
  • Remember: Every Bit Counts!

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