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Helping Children (and Families)
to Have a Better Night's Sleep

Teaching our children well.

As parents we wear many hats and play many roles for our children. One role is that of being teacher. A tough role, as we are so attached to the outcome. We want our children to succeed so badly we often go above and beyond teaching to, storming ahead and doing it for them or showing them how to do it rather than helping them think it through for themselves. Unfortunately, no teaching, or learning for that matter, gets done in that scenario.

Rudolf Steiner, the creator of the Waldorf School offers a wonderful insight into how educators (and parents) can most effectively “teach” children.

“our task as educators to remove bodily and psychical obstacles out of his way; to remove hindrances so that his spirit may enter in full freedom into life.”

What a wonderful concept to embrace when we are faced with the dilemma of trying to “help” our child learn something. Maybe the best way to “help” them is to identify what is it that is blocking there path to leaning, is it time, mode, media, me? As adults we can use our more mature vision to see the big picture around our child’s learning experience and identify how we can adjust it to best suit our child’s learning process, rather than trying to change the child to accommodate the big picture.


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