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  • 4 Things That Occur When Kids Don’t Get Enough Sleep

    When Kids Don’t Get Enough SleepGetting proper rest and recovery from sleep is important at any age, but even more so when kids are growing and developing. Sleep deprivation in kids can cause many detrimental consequences that will not only affect their day-to-day life, but also their future. Here are a few things that occur when kids don’t get enough sleep:

    1. Self-Regulation Issues

    A lack of sleep can cause a child to lose their ability to control themselves, which affects their emotions and moods. Studies have actually shown a link between short sleep duration, late bedtimes, and poor overall sleep quality with aggression, impulsivity, and being short-tempered. Also, kids who aren’t getting the amount of sleep they need can also show symptoms similar to children with ADHD; these symptoms include inability to sit still, stay on task, and focus.

    2. Lack of Growth/Development 

    When a child doesn’t get the necessary amount of sleep their body needs, it could negatively affect their growth and development. Getting enough sleep guarantees that our bodies are producing the right amount of hormones and chemicals at the right times to keep growing. Also, being well-rested allows a child the ability to pay attention, acquire and comprehend new information, and think critically. Without these abilities, kids won’t have access to the mental faculties they need to learn the basic skills they need.

    3. Health Problems 

    If your child fails to get the proper amount of sleep, their immune system and white blood cell production can suffer. When the immune system isn’t running at its optimal efficiency, children are much more susceptible to getting sick. Another health issue that can come from sleep deprivation occurs mentally. Research has shown a link between persistent sleep difficulties in childhood and mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorders, and alcohol abuse later in life. If all of these health problems can be avoided with some extra sleep, this is an important aspect to keep in mind with your children.

    4. Memory Loss

    It may be subtle, but when a child lacks the proper amount of sleep they need, their ability to retain information and memories can suffer. You probably know that on the days when you are most tired, you're forgetful and unfocused, but sleep deprivation can lead to permanent cognitive issues. The less we sleep, the less we benefit from the memory-storing properties of sleep. Additionally, a lack of sleep can cause "brain deterioration," according to a 2013 study, which may at least in part explain memory loss in seniors.

    safe sleep solutionWritten by Joanna von Yurt, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Co-Founder and CEO of Swanling Innovations Inc.

    Joanna von Yurt is the mother of three intelligent, sensitive, and compassionate girls (who all want to be mommies when they grow up). She is first AND foremost a mom! Professionally, however, she is an accountant, controller and serial entrepreneur.

    Joanna has a degree in Psychology from Harvard University with an emphasis in child psychology. She worked as an infant caregiver for 12 years and interned as a Child Life Specialist, family/social therapist, and assisted in clinical studies involving children’s personality and social psychology. Joanna is a Certified Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) Prevention Professionals, Safe Sleep Educator, Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Member of the National Sleep Foundation, and Member of the Canadian Sleep Society.

    Joanna has a lifelong passion for childcare and child safety. She enjoys sharing her experiences with other parents about sleep routines, attachment parenting, safe sleep guidelines, and children’s natural sleep patterns. Her company, Swanling Innovations, is committed to producing modern, safe and innovative products that meet the expectations of discerning parents. The Slumber Sleeper™ is a 4-in 1 safe sleep solution (mattress protector, flat sheet, fitted sheet and sleep sack all in one) designed to help keep your baby safe, warm and centered.

    Joanna always says that a well-rested child and well-rested parents add up to a happy family!

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