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  • Spending Time with Your Children

    family time

    As parents, we know that spending time with our kids is important and vital to their overall success and development. There are times when we discount the value of going to a basketball game or attending that one dance practice before the big recital. We believe that they may not remember or don't value our time the same way that we see it. I mean we can't exactly bill our children by the hour like we do for client work.

    But at the end of the day, we realize that it is all worthwhile. The smiles, the joy, the happiness it brings to their faces when they see you in the audience with a sense of relief that you made it and your attention is completely on them.

    You may not realize what it is worth or your children for that matter until you can no longer have those moments. When life takes loved ones that are dear to your heart away, you would give anything to have another basketball game, band concert, golf tournament, dance recital, you name it and see your parents in the stands.

    So when you have the moment to spend with your children, most definitely do it no matter what is going on in the back of your mind on what else you could be doing. Your children look up to you and need your never ending support and love in life.

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