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  • Soft to the Touch

    It has long been understood that humans are tactile beings. Children in particular use their sense of touch as their very first way of finding out about the world. For the majority of babies it is through touch that they learn to sooth themselves. They are drawn to the softest, silkiest textures rubbing them between their fingers or against their faces finding comfort there.

    This is why children often latch on to a "lovie" when transitioned to sleeping in their crib or a new environment. It is something familiar and comforting, helping them feel safe and settled. Recently there have been growing concerns regarding children having stuffed animals or blankets in the crib with them for fear of accidental suffocation. Swanling Innovations created a solution for parents of children who really need their "lovie" to sleep at night. The Slumber Sleeper™ is made with the snap-in-place system, allowing the Slumber Swan or Slumber Silkie to be safely snapped at the wait of the child, so their "lovie" is always with in hands reach but always kept away from their face, and conveniently IN the crib.

    Waking up frequently with children during the night causes for a cranky household in the morning. Zero to little sleep across the board is not the way we want to start our day.
    Using the Swanling snap-in place system can help keep children safely sleeping through the night, changing sleepless nights into restful mornings.


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