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    baby sleep solution testimonial

    It’s no secret that we’re a business that’s been created to sell a product, but that isn’t our true motivation. We know how challenging it can be for parents to help their children achieve safe, effective sleep. We’ve seen lots of families who just can’t find that rhythm. For many, it’s tense, frustrating and heartbreaking.

    We’re always overjoyed when we have the opportunity to help a baby (and his or her family) transition into a smoother, healthier sleep routine. Below you’ll see a quote by Wendi, a mom who was desperate to help her sensitive sleeper get the rest she needs. We’re proud to be a part of Wendi and her daughter Julia’s story.

    “I have a highly sensitive six month old who was scooting ALL over her crib and getting her head wedged and waking herself up crying. Whenever we make any kind of change in her sleeping situation, it takes sometimes weeks for her to get used to the "new" environment. She has been sleeping great in the Slumber Sleeper from the first time she used it - which is amazing! No more scooting and waking herself up.

    “Plus the customer service from Swanling is second to none. This sheet is worth every penny and more - it's well made and very soft. I bought a second one for backup just in case she spits up/soils it. This is a wonderful invention that every parent who has a difficult sleeper should use. When we transitioned from the Rock and Play to the crib, I wish I had known about this product - it would have made the transition so much easier! It would also be great for anyone who is using a wedge to elevate the mattress because of acid reflux and whose baby slips down the mattress!”

    If you have a story you’d like to tell us, please contact us here or through any of our social media pages.

    safe sleep solutionWritten by Joanna von Yurt, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Co-Founder and CEO of Swanling Innovations Inc.

    Joanna von Yurt is the mother of three intelligent, sensitive, and compassionate girls (who all want to be mommies when they grow up). She is first AND foremost a mom! Professionally, however, she is an accountant, controller and serial entrepreneur.

    Joanna has a degree in Psychology from Harvard University with an emphasis in child psychology. She worked as an infant caregiver for 12 years and interned as a Child Life Specialist, family/social therapist, and assisted in clinical studies involving children’s personality and social psychology. Joanna is a Certified Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) Prevention Professionals, Safe Sleep Educator, Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Member of the National Sleep Foundation, and Member of the Canadian Sleep Society.

    Joanna has a lifelong passion for childcare and child safety. She enjoys sharing her experiences with other parents about sleep routines, attachment parenting, safe sleep guidelines, and children’s natural sleep patterns. Her company, Swanling Innovations, is committed to producing modern, safe and innovative products that meet the expectations of discerning parents. The Slumber Sleeper™ is a 4-in 1 safe sleep solution (mattress protector, flat sheet, fitted sheet and sleep sack all in one) designed to help keep your baby safe, warm and centered.

    Joanna always says that a well-rested child and well-rested parents add up to a happy family!

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