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  • The Essential 101 Guide to the Slumber Sleeper™

    We help families have a complete restful night of sleep and wake up feeling like a new person when their children use the Slumber Sleeper™. It's no longer sleepless nights wondering "how in the world will they make it at work tomorrow." but sleep becomes something that both the children and adults look forward to.

    We created the Slumber Sleeper™ as a way for our children to sleep comfortably, safely, and securely at night so we as parents would not be completely worried when we slept thinking about the "what if's."

    Take a look at the latest behind the scenes with the founders of Swanling, Jan Marco and Joanna von Yurt.

    Also, you can find more information answering all of your questions about the Slumber Sleeper™ here, and if yours is missing, feel free to contact us.

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