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  • 6 Tips for Dealing with Temper Tantrums

    Dealing with Temper TantrumsWe’ve all seen them: the kid having a meltdown on the grocery store floor, rolling around and screaming. When it’s not our kid, we can look away and pretend it’s not happening. But what happens when that is our child? Use these tips to help beat tantrums.

    1. Understand the Nature of the Beast

    Your child is not the first or the last to throw a temper tantrum. In fact, these childish antics are to be especially expected between ages 1-3. There are countless triggers. Sometimes toddlers lash out in frustration simply because they can’t tell you what it is they want.

    Instead of losing your cool, understand that your child has clocked out mentally and they are completely beside themselves. Scientifically speaking, your toddler has allowed his emotions to supersede the frontal cortex of the brain. You know… the part that makes decisions and puts forth our better judgment. There is very little you can do change the toddler’s mental state in this moment, so spare yourself the pity party. You are still as great a parent as the next person.

    2. Give Them Choices

    The word “no” can trigger rage in a passionate toddler seeking his independence. Instead of barking commands, try to give your child a choice in what happens next. For example, if your goal is to get your little one to bed, give them specific choices like “Do you want to wear your red pajamas or your blue pajamas?” By prompting a toddler to focus on making a decision you are giving them control of their own lives while passively encouraging them to do what it is you need them to do.

    3. Hug it Out

    Human touch is powerful. Going in for a hug may not be what you want to do when your little one is having a meltdown, but sometimes a strong hug is all your toddler needs. We all want to feel safe and understood even when we’re freaking out. When you’re hugging your irate toddler, let your toddler vent.

    4. Ignore the Mayhem

    “Ignore” may seem like a harsh word, but the fundamental benefit is nipping a bad habit in the bud. Getting angry along with your toddler usually escalates the tantrum. Instead try to say things like “Mommy is going to leave you alone until you calm down,” or “Let me know when you’re ready to talk.” Giving too much attention to temper tantrums simply enables the behavior to continue. When you give these meltdowns no play, you show your toddler that their unruly behavior is not an effective way to communicate a message.

    5. Laugh if Off

    It’s natural to feel embarrassed when your child is having a public tantrum. The silent judgment you feel from the stares of strangers doesn’t help. Instead of bowing your head in shame, try to have a sense of humor about it by sharing a laugh with innocent bystanders. They are more than likely to smile back at you and be sympathetic.

    6. Flee the Scene! 

    In the event that your child’s tantrum has sent them into absolute menace-to-society mode, take ‘em outside. Sometimes children are not comfortable with their environment or perhaps need a second to collect themselves. Now’s the perfect time to give your toddler a hug, a pep-talk and the air they need to get back down to planet earth.

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