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Swanling Slumber Sleeper the Simple Safe Way for your Child to Sleep!

The Swanling Slumber Sleeper Sleepsack is a complete lifesaver when it comes to feeling at ease and knowing your child is sleeping safely. Swaddles were a huge part of our sleep routine but than our daughter become mobile and they became unsafe. Now we have the perfect solution the Slumber Sleeper allows your child to have the security of a sleepsack but can still move around freely, standing, sitting ect BUT they legs and arms don’t end up dangling outside the crib and they are not trying to escape the crib either. Its super soft comfortable design allows your child to sleep peacefully. After reading over the site i found so many incredible stories of how this product has helped so many families especially those who have lost children to SIDS and wanted to feel at ease with their new baby. I cannot image the pain they feel but i am happy that inventors are thinking of these issues and coming out with products to help prevent these tragedies.

Our daughter has enjoyed this product for awhile now and i am pleased to share it with my readers. She is waking up less, she is no longer so restless and fighting sleep, and she is sleeping longer hours keeping her happy during the day. I love the design and how well it fits our daughter. Check it out!
I feel like the family who created this product put so much thought into making sure our children are safe, that they can grow with the product, as well as keeping them comfortable. I think its truly a unique and original product that every parent should try out. We are not hooked and loving our peaceful nights!


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