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Swanling Slumber Sleeper™

The Slumber Sleeper helps babies sleep longer, safer and more peacefully. The Slumber Sleeper is a 4-in-1 safe sleep solution for modern parents. It is a sleep sack, fitted sheet, flat sheet and mattress protector, and comes in bassinet size, crib size and twin size. It is designed to mimic the parental touch by way of the vested portion in the center of the sheet that holds your child comfortably.

Bazzle Baby


Bazzle Baby is a smart, sassy, stylish baby accessories brand that strives to make products that helps parents in their daily lives. Banda Bibs are smart little drool bibs that keep babies dry and happy.

Wristy Buddy


Wristy Buddy is a one piece teething wristband comprised of a wristband with an absorbent animal in the center, a textured teething attachment, and a satin attachment. Wristy Buddy is designed for babies that are teething that haven’t developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can’t grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. Wristy Buddy is made of absorbent materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects.

San Diego Bebe


San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillows are made with virgin Eco*Loft fiber.  Our line is eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, foam-free, fire-retardant-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free.  Loaded with mom-inspired patented features, including a vented, built-in Privacy Cover for discreet nursing in public and a Comfort Bolster that prevents roll-offs.  Available for one baby or twins! Prize is a $50 gift certificate to the Double Blessings store.

Woombie Air


The Woombie Air is the first breathable swaddle that allows excess body heat to escape and requires no wrapping. Invented by a mom of five, 19-year RN, and Infant Care Specialist, the 14-award winning Woombie is a unique peanut shaped swaddle that imitates the comfort and security of the womb resulting in longer periods of sleep. It helps reduce the risk of SIDS as well as prevents overheating, face-scratching, startling, and colic (voted as a top colic product by the Fussy Baby Site). Over a half a million babies and counting have used the Woombie and parents swear by it!

Itzy Ritzy


Meet the next big thing in breastfeeding! Our Nursing Happens(TM) easily transforms from a trendy infinity scarf to a soft, breathable nursing cover, with no fussy snaps or complicated wrapping techniques. The wraparound design ensures privacy for skin-to-skin bonding while breast or bottle feeding. Wear during pregnancy to infuse with mom's natural scent to promote the beautiful infinite bond between mom and baby. Stylish, simple and versatile - a must have for all mothers!


The ((( PACI CLIP AND KEEP ))) by Pacidoodle® has revolutionized the pacifier clip! Not only does it keep the pacifier off the floor, it also provides a way to keep the pacifier nipple away from harmful germs. The darling soft teddy bear with antimicrobial technology will be your baby’s new favorite paci holder. PLUS, it comes with a Pacidoodle pacifier with your baby’s name on it! At Pacidoodle® we like to say, “Name it. Clip it. Keep it!”

Fiddle Diddles


LullaBelay is the first and only adjustable strap system that safely secures an infant car seat to a shopping cart.  LullaBelay allows parents to have worry-free & hands-free shopping experience!  Even for those who exclusively baby wear, LullaBelay can give a helping hand.  On days of inclement weather or if baby is sleeping, parents bring baby into the store in their infant carrier, then attach the carrier to the cart with LullaBelay, then baby wear.  With LullaBelay the carrier is out of the way and cart is entirely open.  LullaBelay comes with the adjustable strap system with hardware, protective cover with zippered access to baby, and a small bag to store it all in.  LullaBelay is CPSIA certified and is made with eco-friendly materials.  Shop safe, shop happy!

Colgate Mattress


Colgate's Limited Edition Retro Posh crib mattress is a throwback to our humble 1955 beginnings. We are donating proceeds from the sale of the Retro Posh to First Candle to fund research around the causes and prevention of stillbirth, SIDS and SUID. The Retro Posh is a dual-firmness mattress, providing infants with the firmness they need for safety and proper development and toddlers with the comfort they prefer. The cover is waterproof, tear-resistant, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The Retro Posh is handcrafted right here in the USA by Colgate, a third generation, family-owned and operated company.

5 Phases

5 Phases Revolutionary Hybrid GLASS Baby Bottles®, an innovative breakthrough in bottle feeding providing the healthful benefits of GLASS + the protection of BPA free plastic®. With all the concerns of plastics more and more medical experts agree GLASS is the preferred choice in bottle feeding, however many parents fear them breaking. Our eco-friendly bottles provide the perfect solution!



Bitybean's UltraCompact Baby Carrier is a cleverly compact baby carrier, designed and engineered with state of the art materials for ease and comfort for active families. It is optimized to provide the most comfort, packability, and style. Weighing just 8 ounces and smaller than the size of a child's water bottle, the UltraCompact Baby Carrier fits in any bag or purse allowing parents to be ready for anything! Bitybean's baby carrier is perfect for families on the go.

Wishy Life Buddies


Wishy Life Buddies: The Original Easter Tradition provides families with an interactive tradition for the Easter season. Children will bring their ‘Buddy’ to life by naming him and sprinkling him with Wishy Dust. For a week leading up to Easter Sunday the child will leave out an empty Easter egg in hopes their ‘Buddy’ will fill it with a something special (note/scripture, money, candy, gum, etc). ‘Buddy will have to leave on Easter Sunday but promises to return the following Easter season to continue to look after his new family and friends.

Songs With My Name


SongsWithMyName Services Ltd. is North America's exclusive distributor for licensed children's personalized retail CD products featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse and Friends along with the Disney Princesses, Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street, The Wiggles, plus the fun and lovable characters from VeggieTales.  The characters actually sing and speak the names as part of the songs and stories. There is none of that "drop name in here" thing.

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