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The Slumber Swans - loved by all ages.

"So I have to tell you when I got home from the ABC Expo it was late (10pm EST), my husband and I walked in and my kids were spread all around my dad sleeping. The next morning when they woke up they were so excited to see me (which melts my heart still) and immediately said "what did you get me!" - Of course! I pulled out the big Swan for my 11 year old daughter and she was so excited to see it, she squeezed it and said mommy this is so soft I'm calling her Swanie. I showed her where she can stash things inside her and she was thrilled! Then I gave my 2 year old son the baby swan and he was just as excited and immediately put the swan's beak in his mouth - such a boy!! But then my 7 year old son said "where's my swan" I was stumped because I didn't think he wanted one - thankfully I had other things from the expo to give him so he was fine. Phew - dodged that bullet.

Just wanted to tell you that they are still sleeping with their swans and love them. Especially my 11 year old daughter who still sleeps with her lovey from when she was a baby! Now Swanie has joined her beloved "Sally" doll. :)

Thanks for being such amazing people!"

Michelle L.
Co-founder of Favored By

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