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Helping Children (and Families)
to Have a Better Night's Sleep

The Slumber Sleeper™ ensures safe sleep for family worried about SIDS.

"As a family that lost a child to SIDS, we are extremely diligent when it comes to safe sleep. Our rainbow baby was rolling over and preferred sleeping on her belly by 3 months old. As we all know, back is best. After too many sleepless nights we began researching and found the Slumber Sleeper. We loved that it combined the only two things that should ever be in the crib with your baby, a tight fitted sheet and a sleep sack.
Our daughter, now 10 months old loves it and so do we. For the first time in months, we are all getting a peaceful night’s sleep. I only wish we had found it sooner! It’s well made, soft and safe. As a loss family, we needed something that helped put our worried minds at ease and we are so grateful to have found this genius creation.
Thank you Swanling!"

The Frisbie Family

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