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"This product is so cool and so helpful!"

"Honestly, this product is so cool and so helpful! I wish I had this from infancy for the crib! I had to start to transition our 3-year old son from his crib to a twin bed as he was climbing out of the crib and pretty much falling out. I googled sleep solutions for toddlers and came across the slumber sheet and, after watching the videos, thought that it was definitely worth a try. I was dreading having to buy all new twin size sheets/and mattress protector etc but it has it all. Anyway, my son was easy to adapt to the slumber sleepy, as we call it and in fact he loves it!!...He stays warm, actually stays in bed, and I feel really good that he is so much safer now. It’s been a win-win all around!"

Donna B., (Mother of two -3 & 7 yrs old)

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