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"Keep your baby safe and warm..."

"As a new mom I received the Slumber Sheet and I really recommend it to every parent. Not only does the Slumber Sheet keep your baby safe but it keeps them warm and also has a leak proof pad within it in case of an accident or leak. It is easy and fast to put her in and out.

My baby is at that stage where she is grabbing her feet continuously and before the Slumber Sheet she would play with her feet and roll over and stay awake thinking it was play time when really it was bed time. The slumber sheet prevents her from grabbing her feet which makes her more relaxed and fall asleep faster. However, she has full range of motion in her hips so I don't have to worry about hip dysplasia concerns. Thank you!"

Kathryn T. (mother to 3 month old Destiny)

Kathryn & Danny & baby Destiny T

Kathryn & Danny with baby Destiny.

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