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"My daughter is loving the Slumber Sheet!!"

"My daughter is loving the Slumber Sheet!! Like she did before, she sleeps all through the night, but now I am far more at ease as I know she will stay in the same spot!! Before the Slumber Sheet she was rolling all over the place and I was always scared she might get stuck somewhere or choke herself with her  blanket!  When it comes down to it, the Slumber Sheet is safe as it keeps the child on their back and prevents him or her from getting hurt anywhere in the crib, especially in those early months!!! That's exactly what doctors recommend, the Slumber Sheet just makes it so easy for moms!!"

Nadine E. (Mother of three and wife of Harvard M.D.)

Mila2Elliot Family Photo-C

Baby Mila happy in her Slumber Sheet.

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