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  • Swanling Slumber Sleeper the Simple Safe Way for your Child to Sleep!

    The Swanling Slumber Sleeper Sleepsack is a complete lifesaver when it comes to feeling at ease and knowing your child is sleeping safely. Swaddles were a huge part of our sleep routine but than our daughter become mobile and they became unsafe. Now we have the perfect solution the Slumber Sleeper allows your child to have the security of a sleepsack but can still move around freely, standing, sitting ect BUT they legs and arms don’t end up dangling outside the crib and they are not trying to escape the crib either. Its super soft comfortable design allows your child to sleep peacefully. After reading over the site i found so many incredible stories of how this product has helped so many families especially those who have lost children to SIDS and wanted to feel at ease with their new baby. I cannot image the pain they feel but i am happy that inventors are thinking of these issues and coming out with products to help prevent these tragedies.

    Our daughter has enjoyed this product for awhile now and i am pleased to share it with my readers. She is waking up less, she is no longer so restless and fighting sleep, and she is sleeping longer hours keeping her happy during the day. I love the design and how well it fits our daughter. Check it out!
    I feel like the family who created this product put so much thought into making sure our children are safe, that they can grow with the product, as well as keeping them comfortable. I think its truly a unique and original product that every parent should try out. We are not hooked and loving our peaceful nights!


    Click here to read her full review.

  • The Slumber Sleeper™ ensures safe sleep for family worried about SIDS.

    "As a family that lost a child to SIDS, we are extremely diligent when it comes to safe sleep. Our rainbow baby was rolling over and preferred sleeping on her belly by 3 months old. As we all know, back is best. After too many sleepless nights we began researching and found the Slumber Sleeper. We loved that it combined the only two things that should ever be in the crib with your baby, a tight fitted sheet and a sleep sack.
    Our daughter, now 10 months old loves it and so do we. For the first time in months, we are all getting a peaceful night’s sleep. I only wish we had found it sooner! It’s well made, soft and safe. As a loss family, we needed something that helped put our worried minds at ease and we are so grateful to have found this genius creation.
    Thank you Swanling!"

    The Frisbie Family

  • "The Slumber Sleeper™ offers peace of mind."

    Swanling Slumber Sleeper is an amazing well thought out product that truly offers peace of mind. Your little one is safe and secure in the center of the crib without being restricted and best of all it grows with baby! For my full review and demonstration with my sweet little Amelia visit my Blog.

    - Tania Dilworth
    Founder, Baby Planner



  • Founder and Lead Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site® discusses the Slumber Sleeper™

    “As a sleep consultant, I am always on the lookout for innovative and high-quality products that I feel will help parents in their quest to improve their children’s sleep. And in my opinion, the Slumber Sleeper is one such product! It is incredibly high-quality, and is sure to last you through multiple children (making it a good investment). What’s more, I believe this product is useful in a variety of different situations. I think it is ideal for:

    -babies who have reflux, and who sleep on an angled mattress
    -babies who are rolling frequently and whose sleep is disrupted because of it
    -young toddlers who are climbing out of the crib but are too young for a toddler bed
    -older children who frequently fall out of bed or who are afraid of falling out of bed

    I think the Slumber Sleeper is a great option for families who are looking for an innovative way to help their children sleep!”


    Nicole Johnson
    Founder and Lead Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site®


  • Mother of 5 boys loves the Slumber Sleeper™.

    "Your product is a lifesaver! We have peace of mind that my child is sleeping safe!!
    Thanx for an amazing product!"

    Y Beckerman from New York

    Happy boy in Slumber Sleeper™

  • Child Sleep Consultant discusses the benefits of the Slumber Sleeper™

    As a child sleep consultant, I am always looking for innovative ideas for my clients, which is why I was so excited to be introduced to “The Slumber Sleeper™!” After receiving the package containing the crib sized sheet, the Slumber Sleeper,™ swaddle and a small “silkie,” I immediately called one of my past clients to come over so that I could see how her baby reacted to it. My findings were all positive, he appeared comfortable and correctly positioned, snug and cozy. He was too old for the arm swaddle but kept reaching down for his “silkie” which is cleverly snapped to the sheet in order to avoid harm.

    During the time that I was exploring the use of the Slumber Sleeper™, I was approached by a client that hired me to help her toddler transition into a toddler bed. The family found the sheet very useful during the sleep training process. The child was able to stay in her bed and move about easily. When she wanted to get out of her crib, the sheet acted as a reminder to remain in bed until Mom or Dad came and got her. By the end of our time together, the little girl showed excitement each night before bed because she very much liked the secure feeling that the Slumber Sleeper™ provides.

    In addition to overall continuous use of the sheet, (for a child over 3 months) here are some scenarios that I feel the Slumber Sleeper™ would work really well in:

    When your toddler begins to climb out of their crib but they are not ready for a toddler bed yet:

    • In this case, for safety reasons, the sheet would prevent the child from climbing out of their crib. Before being introduced to this product, I recommended that parents put their toddlers in a sleep sac during this phase. I find the Slumber Sleeper™ to be a better resource in this situation.

    When your infant begins to roll and you have to go in their room in order to roll them back over:

    • Although the Slumber Sleeper™ provides the ability for a child to have range of motion; it would be a great tool to use in this scenario in order to eliminate the young infant from constantly rolling over in their sleep. Remember, when this milestone hits, give your plenty of opportunity during the day in order to practice their new skill!

    When a child continues to wiggle out of their swaddle during sleep, however, their startle reflexes are waking them when they are not swaddled.

    • Many babies will wake throughout their sleep cycles due to their “startle reflex.” As the child gets older, this goes away because both their brain and muscle strength begin to mature. This product provides a swaddle for the child’s arms which is also snapped into place on the Slumber Sleeper™. The sheet, as well as the arm swaddle, is a great tool to help keep your child asleep when they are going through this stage.

    My favorite features of the Slumber Sleeper™ are the positioning of the child, the “silkie” feature and the cozy, secure environment that it provides. A child in the Slumber Sleeper™ will be able to sleep in both a comfortable and safe position. Young infants will sleep on their back and in the center of the crib which coincides with pediatric guidelines but also gives them room to move and wiggle while they sleep which is important for their muscular development.

    I like the idea of being able to introduce a lovey or a “silkie” earlier than one year. With this product, the item is securely attached to the sheet. Many children take to a lovey and find them very comforting; I have found them to be an essential tool during a sleep training process.

    Many of my clients have asked for me to recommend a “weighted blanket” for their child. In my opinion this product could work in those situations because the sheet provides such a secure feeling, which helps calm children while they sleep. I often have clients report that their child needs to have Mom or Dads hand on them in order to fall asleep, this product could essentially provide that same type of comfort as well.



    Diana Julian, owner of Big Sky Lullaby is a certified Child sleep DianaandOwenconsultant. She earned a bachelor's degree in social services and developmental psychology from Arizona State university and received her sleep consultant certification through the family sleep institute. Diana is very passionate about the work that she does and is committed to helping families find the rest they deserve! For more information on her and her services visit!



  • The Slumber Swans - loved by all ages.

    "So I have to tell you when I got home from the ABC Expo it was late (10pm EST), my husband and I walked in and my kids were spread all around my dad sleeping. The next morning when they woke up they were so excited to see me (which melts my heart still) and immediately said "what did you get me!" - Of course! I pulled out the big Swan for my 11 year old daughter and she was so excited to see it, she squeezed it and said mommy this is so soft I'm calling her Swanie. I showed her where she can stash things inside her and she was thrilled! Then I gave my 2 year old son the baby swan and he was just as excited and immediately put the swan's beak in his mouth - such a boy!! But then my 7 year old son said "where's my swan" I was stumped because I didn't think he wanted one - thankfully I had other things from the expo to give him so he was fine. Phew - dodged that bullet.

    Just wanted to tell you that they are still sleeping with their swans and love them. Especially my 11 year old daughter who still sleeps with her lovey from when she was a baby! Now Swanie has joined her beloved "Sally" doll. :)

    Thanks for being such amazing people!"

    Michelle L.
    Co-founder of Favored By

  • Ali Landry still loves her Slumber Sleeper!

    Ali Landry tells us how important the Slumber Sleeper is to her family. With two kids now using Slumber Sleepers she is sure it has changed her life!

  • A seven year old tells us why she stil loves the Slumber Sleeper™.

  • Madre de dos ama la Slumber Sleeper™.

    Otra madre feliz nos dice por qué la Slumber Sleeper™ ha trabajado para ella como una buena solución sueño seguro para su bebé o niño pequeño.

  • Mother of two is using the Slumber Sleeper™ for both kids.

    Francisca shares her experience with the Slumber Sleeper™ and Slumber Swaddle. Another happy mom glad to be sleeping.

  • A Child's Testimonial for the Slumber Sleeper™.

    Parent's tell us why they like the Slumber Sleeper™. Now we get to hear why the kids like it. Claire has been using the sheet since day one and was key in the fabric choices and development of the Slumber Sleeper™.

  • Another Mommy Blogger reviews the Slumber Sleeper™.

    "The Swanling Slumber Sleeper™ is a great way to keep a child swaddled and kept in place in the middle of their crib to help reduce the risk of SIDS.  Just imagine a swaddle sack, crib sheet and waterproof mattress pad in one which is creating a safe environment for baby.  We have been reviewing the Slumber Sleeper set for about a week and my 6 month old daughter Madison is sleeping so soundly in the crib, it’s amazing.  It’s made out of a soft, cotton spandex blend (96% cotton, 4% spandex and is also available in 100% organic cotton fabrics that are breathable.  The breathable cotton is important to help keep your child’s temperature regulated.  Since I have 3 little ones at home I like things to be simple and the Slumber sleeper is so simple to use, keeps my daughter happy and is machine washable, does it get any easier?  This slumber sleeper is a waterproof mattress pad, a fitted sheet and a sleep slack in one that any baby is sure to love and feel comfortable in.  Once your child is a bit older maybe after 4 months you can securely place them in the slumber sleeper without using the swaddle attachment.  It’s available in crib size or twin size so once baby is no longer in the crib they can still feel safe and secure.  The slumber sleeper allows children to move freely and allows them to sleep on their stomachs, on their side or however they feel the most comfortable.  For babies they're held safely secured in one place keeping them positioned on their back with ample room for their legs and arms to move.  This Slumber Sleeper fits my daughter perfectly and while awake she was able to kick her feet and stretch out.  This would make such a fun and unique baby shower gift to any expecting set of parents.  Since this product keeps baby in place you won’t have to worry about placing unsafe crib bumpers in babies crib and that’s one less thing you have to worry about.  I definitely sleep much more at ease knowing my daughter is safe, secured and warm in her Swanling slumber sleeper.  The Slumber sleeper is available for just $129, which is a huge savings since it’s 3 products in 1.  If you were to buy the products separately a mattress protector, crib sheet and swaddle it would be much more.  I am so thankful I found this product for my daughter we will be getting plenty of use out of it."

    Brittany Shaw from

    Happy Baby in the Slumber Sheet. Happy Baby in the Slumber Sleeper™.
  • Slumber Sleeper™ Review from an customer.

    "We don't leave ratings all too often however this product was awesome. The quality of the product was exemplary as the material is extremely soft and the manufacturing is wonderful. The design worked great and our little Oliver sleeps better than ever without any fear of him rolling onto his belly.
    It's quite easy to get him into the sheet and it fit perfectly on the crib mattress.
    Great design and great quality!"

    T.P. North Carolina

  • Dr. Johannes Ramirez, M.D. discusses the Slumber Sleeper™.

    Dr. Johannes Ramirez, M.D. doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, discusses the benefits of the Slumber Sleeper™, and how it facilitates a safe sleep environment.

  • Swaddling even more effective with the Slumber Sleeper™.

    Dr. Marcus Elliot, MD, discusses swaddling and the peace of mind he enjoys with the Slumber Swaddle.

  • "As a physician, the Slumber Sleeper™ makes sense to me." Dr. Marcus Elliot. MD, father of 3.

    Harvard doctor, expert in the field of physical performance and father of three discusses the Slumber Sleeper™.

  • "The next best thing to mummy's cuddle."

  • "The slumber sheet saved us."

    "The slumber sleet has literally saved us.  My baby was waking up every 45 minutes to an hour all night long and he slept in bed with us.  With a combination and light sleep training I was able to transition him to a crib and take his night wakings down to twice.  Jad adjusted very easily to being zipped up in the sheet and is able to self soothe very easily now."

    Samantha R.

    Click here to read Samantha's full Slumber Sheet story on her blog.

    The Slumber Sheet saved us.

  • "The Slumber Sheet was easy to use and easy to clean."

    "We used the Slumber Sheet for our 6 months old daughter after she had surgery. She had a skin expander implanted on her forehead. She was supposed to sleep on her back and stay as still as possible during the night. Any parent knows that at this age this isn't so easy to accomplish. The Slumber Sheet kept her from rolling over and shifting around at night, which was a great help for us. Our daughter was cozy and comfortable in it and slept great - even though she previously had already started sleeping on her tummy as her preferred position. The Slumber Sheet was easy to use and easy to clean. The material felt very nice. We definitely liked this product and found it very helpful."

    Katinka G & baby Carlina

  • "Our baby is safely hugged all night and sound asleep."

    "We have been using the slumber sheet and swaddle since Ella was three weeks old. She absolutely loves it. She is now three months old and we just put her to bed for the first time in the slumber sheet without the slumber swaddle attachment. We were prepared to work through a transition period and to our surprise she slept though the night nearly the exact same period as when in the slumber swaddle- we are over the moon about it. Our baby is safely hugged all night and sound asleep. This is the best sleep aid after mommy's cuddle."

    Oz & Alex A. & Baby Ella

    Baby Ella Slumber Sheet Baby Ella Swaddle Oz -Alex & Emil & Ella

  • Ali Landry Loves her Slumber Sheet!

  • Ali Landry Loves the Slumber Sheet.

    "My two-year-old just recently climbed out of his crib and fell on the floor. He was okay, but after that I immediately started looking for products that would keep him safe in his crib. At the (ABC Kids Expo) show, I saw the Slumber Sheet and felt like it was the answers to my prayers! Plus, I can use it for each one of my kids."

    Ali Landry (Mother of 3)

  • "This product is so cool and so helpful!"

    "Honestly, this product is so cool and so helpful! I wish I had this from infancy for the crib! I had to start to transition our 3-year old son from his crib to a twin bed as he was climbing out of the crib and pretty much falling out. I googled sleep solutions for toddlers and came across the slumber sheet and, after watching the videos, thought that it was definitely worth a try. I was dreading having to buy all new twin size sheets/and mattress protector etc but it has it all. Anyway, my son was easy to adapt to the slumber sleepy, as we call it and in fact he loves it!!...He stays warm, actually stays in bed, and I feel really good that he is so much safer now. It’s been a win-win all around!"

    Donna B., (Mother of two -3 & 7 yrs old)

    Tate Family Image

  • "...he sleeps beautifully and peacefully..."

    "I purchased the Slumber Sheet for my three month old grandson. Using the sheet makes my time as a grandmother so nice, not only does he sleep beautifully and peacefully, I can watch him at all times making me feel very confident in his safety. Ironically, my four year old granddaughter thinks the sheet is now hers to sleep in too!"

    Nancy H. (Grandmother of two)
    SONY DSC Grandson

  • "...our baby girl sleeps so well all through the night."

    "I did not have an easy time with my first child when it came to sleeping. I promised myself and my husband that with our next child I would do things differently. I received the Slumber Sheet as a gift. I was a little confused by it at first, but open minded about having a good option for helping our new baby sleep. Honestly, the first time I used the Slumber Sheet, it was really easy. I feel really happy to have come across the Slumber Sheet as our baby girl sleeps so well all through the night. The sheet is wonderful itself, but the Slumber Swaddle attachment is amazing and so easy to use and so safe. My newborn never got unswaddled and we all continue to sleep very well. Thank you !!!!"

    Francisca M. (mother of two)

    fransiscanbaby SONY DSC
    Francisca and baby Cassandra.

  • "My daughter is loving the Slumber Sheet!!"

    "My daughter is loving the Slumber Sheet!! Like she did before, she sleeps all through the night, but now I am far more at ease as I know she will stay in the same spot!! Before the Slumber Sheet she was rolling all over the place and I was always scared she might get stuck somewhere or choke herself with her  blanket!  When it comes down to it, the Slumber Sheet is safe as it keeps the child on their back and prevents him or her from getting hurt anywhere in the crib, especially in those early months!!! That's exactly what doctors recommend, the Slumber Sheet just makes it so easy for moms!!"

    Nadine E. (Mother of three and wife of Harvard M.D.)

    Mila2Elliot Family Photo-C

    Baby Mila happy in her Slumber Sheet.

  • "Keep your baby safe and warm..."

    "As a new mom I received the Slumber Sheet and I really recommend it to every parent. Not only does the Slumber Sheet keep your baby safe but it keeps them warm and also has a leak proof pad within it in case of an accident or leak. It is easy and fast to put her in and out.

    My baby is at that stage where she is grabbing her feet continuously and before the Slumber Sheet she would play with her feet and roll over and stay awake thinking it was play time when really it was bed time. The slumber sheet prevents her from grabbing her feet which makes her more relaxed and fall asleep faster. However, she has full range of motion in her hips so I don't have to worry about hip dysplasia concerns. Thank you!"

    Kathryn T. (mother to 3 month old Destiny)

    Kathryn & Danny & baby Destiny T

    Kathryn & Danny with baby Destiny.

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