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  • KKFX Morning: Eco-Friendly Baby Products

    Joanna von Yurt tells us about some wonderful eco-friendly products in honor of Earth Day.


  • Founder and Lead Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site® discusses the Slumber Sleeper™

    “As a sleep consultant, I am always on the lookout for innovative and high-quality products that I feel will help parents in their quest to improve their children’s sleep. And in my opinion, the Slumber Sleeper is one such product! It is incredibly high-quality, and is sure to last you through multiple children (making it a good investment). What’s more, I believe this product is useful in a variety of different situations. I think it is ideal for:

    -babies who have reflux, and who sleep on an angled mattress
    -babies who are rolling frequently and whose sleep is disrupted because of it
    -young toddlers who are climbing out of the crib but are too young for a toddler bed
    -older children who frequently fall out of bed or who are afraid of falling out of bed

    I think the Slumber Sleeper is a great option for families who are looking for an innovative way to help their children sleep!”


    Nicole Johnson
    Founder and Lead Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site®


  • Child Sleep Consultant discusses the benefits of the Slumber Sleeper™

    As a child sleep consultant, I am always looking for innovative ideas for my clients, which is why I was so excited to be introduced to “The Slumber Sleeper™!” After receiving the package containing the crib sized sheet, the Slumber Sleeper,™ swaddle and a small “silkie,” I immediately called one of my past clients to come over so that I could see how her baby reacted to it. My findings were all positive, he appeared comfortable and correctly positioned, snug and cozy. He was too old for the arm swaddle but kept reaching down for his “silkie” which is cleverly snapped to the sheet in order to avoid harm.

    During the time that I was exploring the use of the Slumber Sleeper™, I was approached by a client that hired me to help her toddler transition into a toddler bed. The family found the sheet very useful during the sleep training process. The child was able to stay in her bed and move about easily. When she wanted to get out of her crib, the sheet acted as a reminder to remain in bed until Mom or Dad came and got her. By the end of our time together, the little girl showed excitement each night before bed because she very much liked the secure feeling that the Slumber Sleeper™ provides.

    In addition to overall continuous use of the sheet, (for a child over 3 months) here are some scenarios that I feel the Slumber Sleeper™ would work really well in:

    When your toddler begins to climb out of their crib but they are not ready for a toddler bed yet:

    • In this case, for safety reasons, the sheet would prevent the child from climbing out of their crib. Before being introduced to this product, I recommended that parents put their toddlers in a sleep sac during this phase. I find the Slumber Sleeper™ to be a better resource in this situation.

    When your infant begins to roll and you have to go in their room in order to roll them back over:

    • Although the Slumber Sleeper™ provides the ability for a child to have range of motion; it would be a great tool to use in this scenario in order to eliminate the young infant from constantly rolling over in their sleep. Remember, when this milestone hits, give your plenty of opportunity during the day in order to practice their new skill!

    When a child continues to wiggle out of their swaddle during sleep, however, their startle reflexes are waking them when they are not swaddled.

    • Many babies will wake throughout their sleep cycles due to their “startle reflex.” As the child gets older, this goes away because both their brain and muscle strength begin to mature. This product provides a swaddle for the child’s arms which is also snapped into place on the Slumber Sleeper™. The sheet, as well as the arm swaddle, is a great tool to help keep your child asleep when they are going through this stage.

    My favorite features of the Slumber Sleeper™ are the positioning of the child, the “silkie” feature and the cozy, secure environment that it provides. A child in the Slumber Sleeper™ will be able to sleep in both a comfortable and safe position. Young infants will sleep on their back and in the center of the crib which coincides with pediatric guidelines but also gives them room to move and wiggle while they sleep which is important for their muscular development.

    I like the idea of being able to introduce a lovey or a “silkie” earlier than one year. With this product, the item is securely attached to the sheet. Many children take to a lovey and find them very comforting; I have found them to be an essential tool during a sleep training process.

    Many of my clients have asked for me to recommend a “weighted blanket” for their child. In my opinion this product could work in those situations because the sheet provides such a secure feeling, which helps calm children while they sleep. I often have clients report that their child needs to have Mom or Dads hand on them in order to fall asleep, this product could essentially provide that same type of comfort as well.



    Diana Julian, owner of Big Sky Lullaby is a certified Child sleep DianaandOwenconsultant. She earned a bachelor's degree in social services and developmental psychology from Arizona State university and received her sleep consultant certification through the family sleep institute. Diana is very passionate about the work that she does and is committed to helping families find the rest they deserve! For more information on her and her services visit!



  • Dr. Johannes Ramirez, M.D. discusses the Slumber Sleeper™.

    Dr. Johannes Ramirez, M.D. doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, discusses the benefits of the Slumber Sleeper™, and how it facilitates a safe sleep environment.

  • "As a physician, the Slumber Sleeper™ makes sense to me." Dr. Marcus Elliot. MD, father of 3.

    Harvard doctor, expert in the field of physical performance and father of three discusses the Slumber Sleeper™.

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