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Helping Children (and Families)
to Have a Better Night's Sleep

"...our baby girl sleeps so well all through the night."

"I did not have an easy time with my first child when it came to sleeping. I promised myself and my husband that with our next child I would do things differently. I received the Slumber Sheet as a gift. I was a little confused by it at first, but open minded about having a good option for helping our new baby sleep. Honestly, the first time I used the Slumber Sheet, it was really easy. I feel really happy to have come across the Slumber Sheet as our baby girl sleeps so well all through the night. The sheet is wonderful itself, but the Slumber Swaddle attachment is amazing and so easy to use and so safe. My newborn never got unswaddled and we all continue to sleep very well. Thank you !!!!"

Francisca M. (mother of two)

fransiscanbaby SONY DSC
Francisca and baby Cassandra.

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