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Another Mommy Blogger reviews the Slumber Sleeper™.

"The Swanling Slumber Sleeper™ is a great way to keep a child swaddled and kept in place in the middle of their crib to help reduce the risk of SIDS.  Just imagine a swaddle sack, crib sheet and waterproof mattress pad in one which is creating a safe environment for baby.  We have been reviewing the Slumber Sleeper set for about a week and my 6 month old daughter Madison is sleeping so soundly in the crib, it’s amazing.  It’s made out of a soft, cotton spandex blend (96% cotton, 4% spandex and is also available in 100% organic cotton fabrics that are breathable.  The breathable cotton is important to help keep your child’s temperature regulated.  Since I have 3 little ones at home I like things to be simple and the Slumber sleeper is so simple to use, keeps my daughter happy and is machine washable, does it get any easier?  This slumber sleeper is a waterproof mattress pad, a fitted sheet and a sleep slack in one that any baby is sure to love and feel comfortable in.  Once your child is a bit older maybe after 4 months you can securely place them in the slumber sleeper without using the swaddle attachment.  It’s available in crib size or twin size so once baby is no longer in the crib they can still feel safe and secure.  The slumber sleeper allows children to move freely and allows them to sleep on their stomachs, on their side or however they feel the most comfortable.  For babies they're held safely secured in one place keeping them positioned on their back with ample room for their legs and arms to move.  This Slumber Sleeper fits my daughter perfectly and while awake she was able to kick her feet and stretch out.  This would make such a fun and unique baby shower gift to any expecting set of parents.  Since this product keeps baby in place you won’t have to worry about placing unsafe crib bumpers in babies crib and that’s one less thing you have to worry about.  I definitely sleep much more at ease knowing my daughter is safe, secured and warm in her Swanling slumber sleeper.  The Slumber sleeper is available for just $129, which is a huge savings since it’s 3 products in 1.  If you were to buy the products separately a mattress protector, crib sheet and swaddle it would be much more.  I am so thankful I found this product for my daughter we will be getting plenty of use out of it."

Brittany Shaw from

Happy Baby in the Slumber Sheet. Happy Baby in the Slumber Sleeper™.

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