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Ali Landry Chooses the Slumber Sheet as one of her Favs!

We are thrilled to have Ali Landry, mother of 3, former Miss USA, model and actress, become one of our biggest fans! She chose the Slumber Sheet as one of her favorites from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

"My two-year-old just recently climbed out of his crib and fell on the floor. He was okay, but after that I immediately started looking for products that would keep him safe in his crib. At the (ABC Kids Expo) show, I saw the Slumber Sheet and felt like it was the answers to my prayers! Plus, I can use it for each one of my kids." Quoted from The Bump Blog

We were able to see Ali again at the MomMe Fall Fest in Santa Monica, where she once again gave the Slumber Sheet amazing reviews as she has time to use it with her two year old, who loves it!

We know the Slumber Sheet is a special product and will truly make a real difference for many families, but it is so wonderful hearing the heartfelt gratitude that Ali offered. We look forward to hearing from many more happy moms and dads.

Ali-Joanna-Hollie- Fav Toddler Products


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