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Our ABC Kids Expo Favorites

Going to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, we saw tons of new products that are on the market and will be appearing soon in your local stores. However, thanks to the internet, you can purchase them now.

1. Vtech Monitors

Vtech Kids collection has monitors that keeps parents from worrying about their children while they are sleeping.

2. Pebble Accessories and Toys

photo 3-3 photo 4-3

Pebble products are made in Bangladesh to help support their economy and lives of others. Their products are gorgeous vibrant and best of all machine washable (even on the toys!).

3. Mimo

photo 2-6

Mimo has developed the SMART Nursery. It's a wireless device that attaches onto their specific onesie, which allows parents to track whether or not their child is asleep or awake, tracks breathing, body temperature, and also body position.

4. Tottigo

photo 1-5

It's a Pack 'n Potty that makes taking potty training easy when you are traveling or just going out to dinner.

5. Baby Powder Wipes

The guys behind Quantuminds have developed baby powder wipes that are talcum and gluten free that will not make you or your child cough. Easy to take on the go.

6. Smart Bottoms

Smart bottoms has cute reusable diapers. Check them out.

Keep your eyes out for all of these products and let us know what you think.

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